We are a Massage Beauty and spa company focused on providing the best service and quality giving the client the option of being listened to! Our priority is to relieve your pain, the muscle tension and bringing different types of massage that in combination with our personal trainers, can give you a better quality of life The owner is professional in sports medicine, personal trainer and massage therapist certified more than 25 years experience in physical Education and putting all the skills together develop this idea LeMassage Florida at your service!

Monday                                6 AM – 9 PM
Tuesday                                 8 AM – 9 PM
Wednesday                         8 AM – 9 PM
Thursday                             9 AM – 8 PM
Friday                                   8 AM – 8 PM
Saturday                              6 AM – 8 PM
Sunday                                8 AM – 9 PM


Yolanda es muy profesional, en mi caso es la primera vez que atravieso cirugía estética, me he sentido súper cómoda y he podido dormir mucho mejor desde que comencé mis masajes, el nivel de dolor ……
12.05.2022 · Yarelix Alicea


Deep Tissue Massage, Cupping with Karina Moncada
1st time to her and a very different massage then I am used to. She explained everything she was doing and why. I had issue with sciatic nerve flared up and pain in upper leg from hip replacement 3 months ago. She was gente in the sore areas and had no pain sleeping last night. Wonderful massage and I am a new customer for sure. Very pleasant to talk to also and friendly.  
12.05.2022 · Michael Krol
90 Minutes Massage, Cupping with Karina Moncada
Amazing! The care and quality of service I receive every time is just outstanding!! She takes the time to understand your individual needs and customizes the service to leave you feeling relieved and renewed! Truly a blessing!!!!
10.23.2022 · Teresa
Sewdish Massage with Karina Moncada
My first experience was fun and caring. Definitely want a repeat
10.18.2022 · Pedro Benitez
90 Minutes Massage with Karina Moncada She was very kind and attentive to my needs massage was so good I fell asleep will definitely be a repeat client
10.17.2022 · Brando
Sewdish Massage with Karina Moncada
Amazing! She was able to help me manage my back and hip pain. Looking forward for my next appointment!
10.15.2022 · Gloely
30 Minutes Swedish Massage with Karina Moncada
Great massage, very friendly and knowledgeable! I have a lot of back pain and Karina did a wonderful job working with me. I will continue to get massages with her!
10.14.2022 · Brandi

Karina took the time to understand what I needed her to work on. I had ankle surgery in January on my left foot, but I still had discomfort

after 8 months. She determined that I should seek physical therapy. She also used Shock Wave Therapy to stimulate the foot and ankle area.

As a result of the Shock Wave therapy my physical therapist has noticed a improvement in in the flexibility of my ankle and foot. Karina is determined

to make my ankle and foot feel better. For that I am thankful to her and I would recomend her to anyone. N.D.
On Monday, October 24, 2022 at 11:53:46 AM

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